Your Space

Hola Estudiantes,

The Hills Church  805 N. 1st Ave., Arcadia, 91006

Please read the following and help one another to do the right thing 🙂

Let’s leave the campus BETTER than how we found it.  We are guests at Hills Church campus. 

Rules & Guidelines to be SAFE and have FUN: 

​1.  Please throw trash away in proper trash receptacles.  Because of new carpet installed Fall 2020, we ask for no food or candy to be eaten in classrooms.  If you have any questions about lunch guidelines or parameters, please feel free to ask our Campus Hostess, Carrie De Francisco.

2.  No running or screaming in the halls or on the staircase. The bathrooms are to be used for their intended purposes only.  

3.  NO PETS are allowed on campus. This includes dogs, cats, turtles, chickens, birds, etc. If you are walking to class with your dog, please do not bring the dog inside the gates.

4.  No using roller blades, scooters or skateboards on campus.  If you ride your bike to FUNdamentals, please “park” it in a safe place during class hours.

5.  Hills Church is a smoke-free zone.  This includes vapes and oral difusers for essential oils.

***If your family repeatedly breaks one or all of the rules, you will no longer have the privilege of attending classes on Wednesdays and you will not be allowed to register for classes in the future.**​

 Learning is more fun when everyone is safe!