Read in Spanish!

Hola Estudiantes!

Aquí hay unos ejercicios de lectura.   Below are some exercises to practice reading.

BUT FIRST, be sure you know how to properly pronounce the letter sounds in Spanish!   Go to menu page “Say it Correctly” and listen to the videos on pronunciation.  Practice learning the correct pronunciation of letters and sounds.  Now, you are ready to start reading! ¡Vamos! = Let’s go!


Real Life Tip:  Reading children’s books is one way to learn more Spanish.

Here is a screenshot of Jim from Spanish and Go encouraging us to read children’s books in Spanish 🙂

                   We do this in class and for homework.  It works!  Most public libraries have a decent selection, so NO NEED to buy anything!


One of my favorite Read Alouds on youtube.  


Reading with Spanish is your amigo creator Kristen!  She is fantastic.


Reading in Spanish by creator Why Not Spanish?  Maria and Cody are excellent!!


I have added stories for you to read along with me. You can listen once, then play again and read aloud with me.  This is really helpful for “ear training”.  Scroll down this page.


Research is on YOUR side!  Reading Spanish books BELOW your English reading level is NORMAL and ENCOURAGED!  So don’t feel strange reading the Kinder & 1st grade stories I post on the blog.  Hearing and listening for meaning is good for you 🙂

Title of article:  “Children’s Books in the Foreign Language Classroom: Acquiring Natural Language in Familiar Contexts”


Watch this fun video about “context clues”.  You can review how to look for context clues when you read in English.  Then you can do the same when you read in Spanish!



Remember that cognates are very helpful!   You DO NOT have to print this sheet.  Just practice reading it here.  But, if you want to print it, you will have to right click to save this image to your computer.  I couldn’t figure out how to create a pdf because it is in landscape format ;/reading with cognates001

Te presento Hugo!  Click on this pdf to read short passage.  No need to print unless you want.  reading Hugo chihuahua 001


Hojas vienen, hojas van. :   This story is not too hard for you!  Read with me.


La oruga muy hambrienta.  You know this story in English.  Now read it with me in Spanish 🙂


Me gusta ensuciarme.  Read with me in Spanish.


Bizcocho encuentra un amigo.  Read with me.