What is a PWT?

PWT = Personal Word Translation (composition book or spiral notebook)

I expect all students in the Beginning class to create their own PWT.  (Thank you to my niece, Juliette, who inspired this idea & to my granddaughter Bella who gave me her PWT as an example.  See 2 pics below.

The purpose of the PWT is for you to have words handy to express yourself.  So create categories and add words that are meaningful to YOU.

You will use the PWT for homework assignments and in class activities.

Instructions on how to make your own PWT:

1.  Use a composition book or spiral notebook.
2.  Make category tabs and write Spanish words alongside English translation.  See 2 pics below: first is cover with category tabs, second is sample vocabulary page for “places”.
3.  Use HALF OF THE COMPOSITION/SPIRAL NOTEBOOK PAGES for PWT Spanish/English vocabulary section.  Leave the remaining HALF OF THE COMPOSITION/SPIRAL NOTEBOOK PAGES BLANK for homework assignments and notes.  
Here are 3 pdfs in case you would like to start your PWT with these words. You DO NOT have to print these pages. Some students like to print, cut and paste the words into their PWT.  Others like to hand write the words into their PWT.  You choose what works for you.

LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!  Watch this video.  Kristin’s favorite method is creating her own “dictionary”!  Just like your PWT!!!!