Watch, listen & learn

Hola Estudiantes,

Here are some good videos with phrases you can use every day.

Todos los días = every day  or literally “all the days”

Watch, listen and learn.  Some of these videos do not have any English subtitles, so repeat as needed.  Listening is an important part of learning.


How to change translation setting on YouTube videos:


Words for asking questions:  


Probably the best video I have found to learn Spanish números  = numbers!


Profesiones y Preguntas = Professions and Questions (part 1)


Profesiones y Preguntas – Professions and Questions (part 2)


¿Qué tiempo hace? = What’s the weather like?


La rutina de la mañana = The morning routine


¿Qué te gusta hacer?  = What do you like to do?


¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?  = What do you do on your free time? 

   This young man uses the phrase “es muy padre” to express himself.  What does it mean?  Go here for the answer:


“¿Puedo ir al baño?” por Señor Wooly  For theatre lovers out there, enjoy this DRAMATIZATION 😉


Listen & Repeat : common phrases for beginners by VisualLinkLanguages