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Arroz con Leche recipe  very easy rice pudding y muy delicioso


Columbian style arepas


oatmeal and banana cookies thanks to Hannah J. 

click to enlarge recipe = la receta 


Straight from Instagram – Why not Spanish? 

 plantain = plátano and banana = banano or banana 



Thank you Hannah J. for Spanish mantecados – melt in your mouth cookie 🙂

Hannah Spanish mantecados recipe001


James’ best chocolate chip cookies  James choc chip recipe001


Here is a tried-and-true recipe from my friend Mrs. Patick. 

Lil fyi:  she always uses more spices than the recipe suggests. Click on image to enlarge.



Thank you Hannah J. for Chocolate Chip Cookies by Hannah


Thank you Ashley for pisto-recipe-003




Curious about jícama?  Here is a good link with pictures!


Empanadas recipe

La Salteña is the brand of pastry shells Señora Ingersoll uses.






Enchiladas recipe by Anastasia 001


Horchata recipe


Easiest Mini Pumpkin Muffins   popular recipe just for you 🙂


                                      baking and photo credit :  Bella


Lemon Blossoms mini cupcake recipe    Welcome Spring!  I didn’t make the icing, but still yummy.

Arroz con Leche recipe   very easy rice pudding y muy delicioso

Curious about guava?     guayaba, guava fruit