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When possible, take the stairs.

pic cred:  Tami Romani



¿No son encantadores los puentes?  =  Aren’t bridges lovely? 

   Speaking a foreign language gives you the opportunity to connect people.  Think about that 🙂
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Did you know?

Being grateful is good for us.

How can you get better at being grateful?

 1.  Notice the good.  You woke up this morning 🙂  You ate breakfast.  Your parent drove you to school.  That’s 3 things already!

 2.  Upgrade “thanks”:  Express appreciation to someone every day this week.  Be specific and tell the person what you appreciate.  Was it their kindness or generosity?  Was it their help with a project or a pet?

Above points taken from:  How to Start a Gratitude Habit in 21 Days  Jacqueline Andriakos October 26, 2016


This USC story.  Wow!  Just Wow!


Here are 2 more excellent reasons for learning Spanish.   

6. To create friendships

One of the best parts of studying abroad is meeting new friends. The relationships you develop while studying, traveling, and living together will undoubtedly be some that you’ll never forget.

And while some of your new friends may other Americans, or international students who speak English, there’s also a strong possibility that you’ll become friends with people who don’t speak English, or you may not speak their native language.

On the most general level, the better you can speak a language or the more languages you know, the greater the number of people on Earth with whom you can communicate and become friends. These bonds are usually very tight, as you both appreciate the effort spent getting to know the others language and culture.

7. To increase global understanding

Cultural insensitivity can have a huge influence on a nation’s inability to cooperate, negotiate, and compromise, in today’s world. It can, and often does, escalate to a very serious level.

The solution to this is to promote cultural relativism, to gain understanding of the world’s other cultures and even if you don’t agree, at least accept their right to be different. This is where knowing another language will be key, as language can be used as a tool to improve communication between businesses, governments, and peoples, as well as breakdown cultural and ideological barriers.

Above excerpt taken from Top 8 Reasons To Learn A Foreign Language Abroad.  To read full article, go to:




Go take a hike!  hacer senderismo = hiking

Read this article if you want to know why hiking is so good for your brain and soul 🙂

By the way, no fancy boots required for our local mountain hikes…good plain tennis shoes are fine.


Both pics were taken at Monrovia Canyon.  Enjoying time with Bella 🙂