Challenge Yourself

Here are some suggestions:  

Have you looked at this homework site?  I have many resource pages for your edification.  Check the HOME page menu above:  Grammar, Listening, Say It Correctly, and more.

Visit the public library for children’s Spanish books.  You can start reading for pleasure by choosing your easy/comfort level. Research shows that choosing easier books to start is the best way to make it fun and not feel like work. Also, choose books you already know in English. This way you are not struggling to make sense of the plot.  

Start a daily journal where you only write in Spanish. Spelling and grammar are not the focus. Just getting your thoughts down in writing for your own edification. I know one adult who kept her foreign language by doing this very thing. 

Do your hobbies in Spanish!!  For example, if you like watching tutorials on cooking, gardening, make-up artistry, traveling, etc. then search YouTube for Spanish speaker videos. You are learning 2 skills at the same time 🙂

Record yourself reading aloud.   Read the caption of Cody from Why Not Spanish? Click on image to make bigger.