Homework – Beginners


Beginners Class will be cancelled for the remaining weeks of Second Semester Feb. – May 2021.

Hopefully we will resume in the Fall semester.


Señora T




New Beginners Class starts today.

Week 1 – tres de febrero = February 3

Hola estudiantes,

Hoy = today:  You did great trying your best!!

La tarea = the homework:

How to change translation setting on YouTube:

Watch this video. What is your reason for learning Spanish?  Listen to Maria starting at 6:09 to the end of the video.

Write down your answer in English.  You will share it with the class next week.

Start your Personal Word Translation book this week.  Go to the page in menu “What is a PWT?” for how to make your own.  Add at least 10 meaningful words or phrases in your PWT.  You choose what category tabs to begin.  Perhaps food, persons, places, or ?

Open Spot It! game pdf to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MEMORIZE ALL this week.  We often play this game in class.

Listen & Practice for proper pronunciation. YOU can sound amazing in class!


Practiquen = Practice Duolingo one lesson at least 5X a week.  Students who do Duolingo speak more Spanish 🙂

Recordatorio: = Reminder:  The HOME page stories, videos and reminders are part of your homework.  Hopefully, you already READ the entire HOME PAGE post BEFORE coming to this page 😉

¡Hasta luego!

Señora T



New Beginners Class begins on February 3, 2021.

Homework will be posted here.