Student Success Stories

Read what students & parents are saying about Conversational Spanish:

“I know much more now than when I started!”  former student July 2021

“Thank you so much for teaching Spanish class!  I love every minute of it and am learning so much!” Abigail Y. March 2021

  Brady Lynn P.  January 2021

“I remember my son telling me you were his favorite teacher. You have no idea what a compliment that is, because he NEVER expresses sentiments like that.” Comment made by a mom of high school student. Señora T chose to keep anonymous to protect his privacy 🙂  March 2020

“My daughter has learned so much from you and has always loved learning from you.” Comment by a mom of a high school student.  Señora T chose to keep anonymous to protect her privacy 🙂  March 2020

“Before this class, I had a rather frustrating time with Spanish. Not because of the work involved, but I really just did not like the subject.  Even though I got through my two years of language required for high school, I still wanted a positive look on the subject.  After my experience in Señora T’s class, I have a whole new feeling for Spanish. She always came up with new way of making the language new and exciting.  Overall, I really enjoyed the class, and I would highly recommend it to anyone beginning Spanish, or who wants to experience it in a new and exciting way!” Matthew K. – 2018

“Just wanted to say thank you for your help with my son. He’s a freshman at Maranatha doing really well in his Honors Spanish 2 class!” Lanya F. – 2018

“It was so wonderful hearing my son say that his favorite class is yours yesterday! He shared what an awesome, clear and fun teacher you are. Way to make learning Spanish enjoyable!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Comment by a mom of a high school student.  Señora T chose to keep anonymous to protect his privacy 🙂  Sept. 2017
Taking the class helped me on my mission trip to Mexico this summer.  It also helps me with my weekly volunteer job at the hospital.  I can actually communicate with Spanish-speaking people.”  Catherine S. – 2016

“My private school Language Arts Spanish class is easier for me, since I took Conversational Spanish for 2 years.”  Bella S. – 2016

“I very much appreciate you making learning Spanish a fun, practical and meaningful experience for them.
When I took Spanish in High School it was a terrifying, horrible experience, and I really did not want my kids to go through that too.  With you it is totally opposite.  I wish that I could have been in a class like yours!” Kathy K. – 2016

“He does enjoy the class and it is really boosting his self esteem. He said to me recently after one of your classes, ‘I might actually learn to speak Spanish mom!’ Thank you, again!” Reese C. – 2016

If you have a story of success you’d like to share, please ask Señora T to add it to this page.  YOU can encourage someone in their Spanish learning journey!

Duolingo is a free website.  Many students practice with Duolingo DAILY.  It has made a dramatic difference in their learning more Spanish.  Here are a few students who have had good success with Duolingo:  Anastasia A., Peter D., Daniel V. and Julia V..  January 2018   ¡Bien hecho!